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The “Fanatec GT World Challenge” season will start in Monza 22+23 April 2023. 

 Our race numbers ?  #9 and #10.  

Our drivers :

  • From France, Adam Eteki (Gold), Aurelien Panis (Gold) and César Gazeau (Silver).
  • From Italy, Alberto Di Folco (Silver) and Andrea Cola (Silver).
  • From Israel, Roee Meyuhas (Silver) driving under american licence.

Endurance : Audi #9 will be in Gold Cup. Line up will be with 2 Gold and 1 Silver driver. Audi #10 will compete in Silver Cup, with 3 Silver drivers.

Sprint, the 2 cars will be in Gold Cup, with 1 Gold and 1 Silver driver. 

Our line-up’s :

AUDI #9 

Endurance – GOLD CUP

  • Eteki Adam
  • Panis Aurelien 
  • Di Folco Alberto 

Sprint : GOLD CUP

  • Panis Aurelien 
  • Di Folco Alberto 

AUDI #10 

Endurance – SILVER CUP

  • Cola Andrea
  • Gazeau Cesar
  • Meyuhas Roee

Sprint – GOLD CUP

  • Eteki Adam
  • Gazeau Cesar

Let’s meet in Monza, for the first race of the season. 3hour-endurance race starting at 15h00. Live timing to follow on the GT World Challenge website.

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