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The HISTORIC TOUR OF CORSE is a car rally for vintage vehicles. Lasting 5 days with an average of 16 daily special stages on closed roads, no less than 900 km in total are swallowed by the numerous competitors.

The average number of participants is 200 teams divided into 3 categories: VHC / VHRS / Légende.

VHC stands for Véhicule Historique de Compétition, in this category the participants must achieve the best possible time in the special stages. The winner is the one who takes the least time to complete all the stages.

VHRS stands for Véhicule Historique de Régularité Sportive. In this category the participants choose between 4 averages (high, intermediate, moderate and low) at the start of the rally and then have to keep as close as possible to the values indicated in the road book. Each deviation is penalized by penalty points, so the winner is the one who has accumulated the least points.

The Legend category was created in 2019 to welcome crews wishing to take part in a major rally without worrying about the time or the ranking. Those registered in the Légende category have access to the special stages on closed roads exactly like the VHC and VHRS but are not timed or classified.

Drivers TOUR of CORSE 2022 :