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24H OF SPA, 30/07 : THE RACE !


24 H of SPA, the most prestigious GT race in the world. Proud to be part of it.

Start of the 24H at 4:45 pm.

Green flag !

Benjamin Lessennes is at the wheel of the Audi #10 starting with a double stint.  Then, it is Antoine Leclerc who climbs in the car. We are now in 1st  position of the Gold Cup class. He will be followed by Adam Eteki. Karim Ojjeh then starts his stint.

An off  in the Combes will delay our program. Car needs to come back to the box for repairs.

Benjamin Lessennes starts again but cannot avoid a contact during a safety car. The car is blocked in the turn of the Source. Impossible to take the track again to complete a lap in order to join the F1 pitlane where our pitbox was located. Our adventure of the 24H of Spa stops in the middle of the night.

We will keep the memory of a magnificent meeting of races, followed by more than 70 000 spectators, a beautiful animated parade in the streets of Spa and the sun throughout the week.

A huge thank  to our drivers and team members for their hard work.

See you at Hockenheim on the 1st weekend of September for the 4th  round of the GT World Challenge Endurance Championship.


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